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The official website to connect with Aaron D McClelland's loveable criminals, kick-ass women, twisty plot-lines, and off-centre love stories. You can connect with the author, purchase his books, or just browse the latest from his neck of the woods by following the link to his blog in the top nav bar.

You will find the author's novels are some of the most unique contemporary crime, thriller, and horror stories out there. All his novels shown below have sample chapters you can browse to get a sense of his crisp, clear prose and a preview of what you'll get for your money. Have a read, click the links to purchase them, you will not be disappointed. And remember ...

"Every story is a love story" ~ Sir Timothy Miles Bindon Rice

If you wish to purchase ebooks directly from the author, please email Aaron with the title(s) you wish to purchase and the format; .epub, .mobi, .pdf that you prefer. Titles are $3.00 (CDN) each paid via eTransfer.

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