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You will find the author's novels are some of the best contenporary crime, thriller, and horror stories available online. All his novels have sample chapters on this website you can browse to get a sense of his crisp, clear prose. You will not be disappointed.

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  • BETWIXT (where the dead things go)

    Max Brand drops dead on a subway station platform and finds himself in the razor thin realm between life and death, between existence and oblivion, between light and darkness. Betwixt is an enigmatic place where things that pass from the real world reappear in this land of the dead; people, buildings, motorcycles, even a WWI Zeppelin, and the greatest fear is to be 'gomered' and become a wandering, mindless zombie. Yet even in the land of the dead, evil men will do evil things. One of the best death punk horror novels around.

    Available on Amazon as an ebook or paperback.


  • Nest of the Coquatrix

    (WIP) Jaded psychologist Nathan Blason is excited by the complex psychosis his newest patient presents with. Nathan quickly discovers Lawrence is a game player, attempting to lead him down a dark path to a horrific world of deadly fantasy. But is it fantasy? As Nathan explores more and more of Lawrence's inner landscape he discovers it is very real indeed, and what's worse; as the bodies begin to appear, Nathan finds his own life and mind falling apart.

    This will be the most disturbing psychological horror story you've ever had the courage to read.


  • Leaving Wonderland

    (WIP) A fast-paced espionage thriller that pits a combined MI6/Mossad team against a rogue foreign power who plans to launch a terrorist attack using emerging technology that is no less than a nightmare. Set in Vancouver in the ten days leading up to a G20 summit, Rabbit and her team navigate the city's endangered LGBTQ+ community and must overcome electronic attacks, assassination attempts, and a self-induced amnesia by the only person who knows what is about to happen.

    This novel will keep you turning pages right to the explosive climax.